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A sumptuous luxury picnic facing a breathtaking water front view

LUXURY PICNICS & Elevated celebrations

Copie de PKNIK (Carte d’identité).png
A boho parasol and a low rise luxury picnic in front of a willow tree
A perfectly table setting adorned with gold plated cutlery and elegant tableware


PKNIK is a Montreal-based luxury event planning company that aims to create unique, curated, and sophisticated experiences. Our events are designed with passion, creativity, and the utmost commitment to delivering the exceptional. Whatever you are celebrating, prepare to be swept off your feet! 

A close-up of a low rise picnic table adorned with sophisticated tableware and pink cushions


PKNIK offers a distinctive experience marked by chic and elegant decors. Our high-end services always include personalized elements that allow us to create events explicitly imagined for you. We value excellence, attention to detail, and top-notch customer service. Let us blow your minds with our extraordinary services.


KIDNIK, for the stylish kids

Kids deserve stylish celebrations too! KIDNIK is our event planning and design service that focuses on creating bespoke parties for your minis. Whether you choose from one of our available themes or decide to go with something completely new, our team will be there to help you create the invitations to the afterparty clean-up. Let's celebrate!

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